Hosted PBX Cloud Business Phone Systems

Cloud Hosted PBX Systems offer incredible advantages.

Business are ditching their costly, inflexible and out-dated on-premises ISDN PABX phone systems and moving in droves to Cloud Hosted PBX systems.

Hosted PBX systems are simply amazing and is revolutionising the world of modern business communications.

Like most businesses, are you sick of paying exorbitant fees to program little changes on your old PBX phone system? Want to cut your costs while boosting efficiency? Want to empower employees up to work from anywhere? […]

One thing you don’t want to do when Working From Home

One thing you don’t want to do when Working From Home.

It’s not what you think.

After COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, organisations all around the world either required or encouraged employees to work from home. Most likely, you’ve also had to work from home as well, or are responsible for help others work from home.

There is no doubt – Work From Home is here to stay and will be part of the post-COVID norm.

Challenges of Remote Working.

Working […]

How to choose the best Business ISP

There are many Internet and IT providers to choose from for your Internet, Phone and Network requirements.

But which which Business ISP is best for you?

Large telcos typically just can’t provide the quick response and personalised service required to support small and growing business. Have you ever had to wait in a call queue for half an hour, or even over an hour, only to have the operator tell you they need to arrange a call […]

3CX V18 Gearing Up

V18 Beta 1 – Gearing up for release

New web client interface with BLF support

We’ve consolidated the menu options on the left-hand side of the web client and desktop app,  adding labels to make the functionality of each item clearer. Contacts, Voicemail, Recordings and Settings are now located in the “More” menu list.

The 3CX dialer now includes a BLF menu which works just like BLF buttons on an IP Phone. Monitor […]

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