With multiple pricing options, choosing the right plan for you couldn’t be easier.


Split your bandwidth between four different products, or hog the lot in one go with unlimited data.


You can’t go wrong with 400Mbps or 1000Mbps of guaranteed throughput, backed by a 99.95% availability SLA.


Fibre400 / Fibre1000 is available at over 1000 exchanges nationwide. Contact us to qualify your address today!

Plan Options

The future of fibre is here

Fibre400 / Fibre1000 supports up to four services of the following configurations within the 400Mbps or 1000Mbps umbrella. Choose one of these, or use the entire 400Mbps or 1000Mbps for a single service (like Unlimited internet for your office).

Even if you initially choose a single 400Mbps or 1000Mbps Unlimited internet service, you can change that at any time in the future and split the difference between up to four services (POA).

Private Networking

Secure business grade connectivity between two sites.


A comprehensive private networking solution for multi-site customers featuring 6 classes of service, and extensive management options.

Unlimited Internet

Enterprise grade internet access with unlimited usage.

Virtual Data Centre

Privately connect to your AINS Virtual Data Centre or services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure.

Other Connectivity Options

Fibre400 and Fibre1000 aren’t just used for Internet with Unlimited Data. Connect your network privately to one of many services. Don’t see a particular service? Just ask and we’ll let you know – there are many to choose from!

Check Availability

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  • 2. Get your results, during this step, we’ll look at all of your available options to get you the best internet connection possible.


    Important Information

    If you withdraw your order prior to the associated service completion advice being issued by AINS, the following order withdrawal fees will apply:

    • If we haven’t yet commenced logical build = $110
    • If we’ve completed logical build but haven’t yet commenced physical build = $980
    • If we’ve commenced but haven’t yet completed physical build = $8,910

    Relocation fees relate to how we handle Early Termination Fees (ETFs) on a service cancelled as a result of a relocation:

    • Relocations within the same building are POA.
    • Relocations to a new building on the same access network (i.e TPG MetroE or PIPE MetroEthernet) are POA.
    • Relocations to a new building on a different access network are not supported, full ETF applies.

    Important things to note:

    • The Service is intended solely for use as a connection between the Customer Site and our network. Customers must not use the Fibre400 or Fibre1000 Service for connecting points of presence or network access points or for interconnecting with other carriers/carriage service providers. If AINS believes that this is breached, we may suspend or terminate upon first giving 5 Business Days prior notice.
    • Target Service Delivery timeframe: 30 Business days
    • The service is available for single end-customer use only. It may not be used for the aggregation of multiple end-customers.
    • Fibre400 and Fibre1000 are not available in Data Centres.
    • Product limitations: e-Line only available as an Intrastate b-end. IP-Line only available with Unlimited data plan.
    • A Fibre400 service cannot be upgraded to a Fibre1000 service and vice versa as they are considered separate products. A full Early Termination Fee would apply should this type of service change be required.
    • Prices are inclusive of 10% GST.

    Required Customer Equipment

    Included Network Terminating Unit

    When a Fibre400 or Fibre1000 service is delivered, a Network Terminating Unit (or NTU) is installed at the customer site. The NTU has four ports – each capable of supporting one service. A maximum of four services splitting the 400Mbps (Fibre400) or 1000Mbps (Fibre1000) bandwidth is supported, each requiring a minimum bandwidth of 50Mbps.

    Managed Router Options

    To maximise efficiency and get the most out of your fibre service, you will need a purchase or rent a Managed Router from us. Please contact us for model options to suit your business.