There are many Internet and IT providers to choose from for your Internet, Phone and Network requirements.

But which which Business ISP is best for you?

Large telcos typically just can’t provide the quick response and personalised service required to support small and growing business. Have you ever had to wait in a call queue for half an hour, or even over an hour, only to have the operator tell you they need to arrange a call back or have your call transferred?

Micro telcos might struggle to provide quality service due to time and resource constraints. Have you ever had to wait for days to get a response, while the provider was working on another project?

These days, the Internet is critical to your business operations – you’d want an ISP that puts your business first and works hard to provide you with the best value for Broadband Internet, Hosted PBX and Network services and solutions.

When choosing the best ISP for your business, consider the following:

  • No two businesses are the same – can your ISP provide customized options to keep your business online and within your budget?
  • Is your ISP big enough to deploy and manage large, multi-site private networks for enterprise and government entities?
  • Is your ISP willing to provide personalised and responsive account management service? Are they really a part of your team?

AINS Telecom is a complete Business ISP and Network Solutions Provider for all your Internet, Network, Phone and IT equipment a single, monthly Managed Service, so your IT spend is simple to understand and budget.

Our team is committed to supporting your business with quick response times and expert advice. We are big enough to manage large corporate networks, but remain small enough to retain our original vision of providing the best Internet and IT service to local business owners.

If you struggle to get the advice, response or savings that you would like from your ISP, Telco or MSP, there is one simple thing you can do.

Contact us and see how we can improve things for you – it is quick, easy and doesn’t cost anything.

How to choose the best ISP for your business