Cloud Hosted PBX Systems offer incredible advantages.

Business are ditching their costly, inflexible and out-dated on-premises ISDN PABX phone systems and moving in droves to Cloud Hosted PBX systems.

Hosted PBX systems are simply amazing and is revolutionising the world of modern business communications.

Like most businesses, are you sick of paying exorbitant fees to program little changes on your old PBX phone system? Want to cut your costs while boosting efficiency? Want to empower employees up to work from anywhere? Want to eliminate the day to day hassles of upkeep and maintenance? Relocating and can’t justify the exorbitant costs (and downtime) to move your old phone system?

Whatever your concerns, switching to a Hosted PBX system brings so many benefits. All you need is a strong, reliable internet connection!

1. Lower Initial Outlay

Cloud hosted systems come with minimal infrastructure demands – the service provider takes care of all that. This means far less capital expenditure for you at the outset. Typically the only upfront investment is in the handsets, but even this can usually be rolled into a monthly service fee with your phone system and calls.

2. Saves You Money Each Month

The cost savings don’t end with the initial expense on installing your system. Going with a Cloud Hosted PBX means you don’t have to worry about paying for expensive repairs, and routine maintenance that often comes with managing all your tech in-house; again, the provider of the Hosted PBX service takes care of everything.

3. Hosted PBX is Reliable

Cost savings and convenient features are great but somewhat meaningless if your phone system doesn’t work – but a Hosted PBX system is a very reliable option. Using SIP and a variety of codecs, Hosted PBX systems provide clear reception and reliably connect every call.

4. Someone Else Handles the Support Stress

A Hosted PBX system is typically provided as a Service using large-scale infrastructure managed by the Service Provider. This is fantastic news if you don’t particularly want to handle the day-to-day hassle of IT maintenance, change configuration and support. Essentially, you have a dedicated team of outsourced specialists to ensure that everything keeps ticking over smoothly – allowing your IT team to focus on bigger, more strategic projects to grow your business.

5. Call Reporting and Visibility

By switching to Hosted PBX system, you’ll often get access to a vast amount of reporting and transparency that is often not available for traditional on-premises PBX (at least without paying exorbitant amounts of money for third party bolt-on solutions). Cloud Hosted PBX will usually come with, or provide affordable options for, reporting on calls, users, departments and different office locations – allowing you to easily analyse the data to improve the way your business.

6. More Than Just A Phone System – It’s A Full Unified Communications Platform!

Many businesses mistakenly assume that Hosted PBX systems are for voice calls only – this couldn’t be further from the truth. A good Hosted PBX system should provide loads of other communications features such as remote call management, voicemail to email, hold music, contacts directory integration, email integration, CRM integration, web chat integration and a whole lot more.

7. Empowers a Highly Mobile And Remote Workforce

Cloud hosted PBX systems are ideal for companies that wish to provide more flexible and/or remote working solutions and become more mobile overall. Indeed, with the COVID-19 pandemic, having a phone system that enables employees to work from home, is no longer an option – its a necessity.

Using your Hosted PBX, mobile workers or those working remotely can easily “take their phone with them”. Users simply login and accept calls as usual, as if they were in the office. Remote employees can also make outgoing calls which utilises the company’s call plan and caller ID, meaning that clients and partners are none the wiser.

The benefits of this are far reaching. No more putting off an important customer because the person they need is out traveling to a distant meeting all day. Instead, you can simply bring them onto your office system using cloud PBX smartphone apps, allowing them to handle their calls on the road, without having to give out personal phone numbers.

8. No More Stressful Office Relocations

Moving offices is so easy! No more expensive cabling and relocation costs. No more downtime with your phone system!

When you unplug you handsets, your Hosted PBX system continues to work in the Cloud. While you relocate, employees can continue to work and take calls from home, or from their mobile device. Customers and suppliers calling won’t even realise that you are in the process of moving offices.

9. Grows with your Business

A Cloud Hosted PBX system is flexible and easily grows with your business. You can quickly ramp up or reduce the number of users to support projects or specific campaigns. Simply add or remove users, handsets or headsets and off you go! You can even easily connect new offices or entire campuses to the same phone system!

Simply put, Hosted PBX systems cannot be matched by traditional on-premises PBX systems when it comes to flxeibility and the ease of scaling up or down.

Cloud Hosted PBXs enable a highly responsive, flexible and adaptable way to do business – great news for your cash flow and your bottom line, helping you to keep up with the competition (or get ahead!)

AINS Telecom’s Hosted PBX system is based on the award winning 3CX PBX system used by over 500,000 businesses world-wide.

If you are still relying on call forwarding to receive calls at home, it may be time to modernise – the team at AINS Telecom can help you to leverage the power of our Hosted PBX system and help you to explore new ways of doing operating.