While AINS Telecom has been providing reliable, high-speed and affordable Internet services to businesses since 1996, our quality broadband services are available for the home as well.

Our Home NBN Broadband now comes with free opt-in protection against malicious websites and files downloaded from the internet.

And if your landline phone number is important to you, you can keep it by transferring the number to our low cost, high-quality Home SIP Voice  service.

Backed by our team of friendly technical experts, our Home NBN Broadband offers exceptional value and peace-of-mind for your home.


Home NBN


  • 25Mbps Connection1
  • Unlimited Data
  • Dynamic IP Address
  • Friendly 24×7 Technical Support
  • Optional 4G Backup
  • Optional Zero Term Contract
  • Upgrade Any Time
  • 1 Typical speed between 7pm to 11pm is 23Mbps


  • 50Mbps Connection2
  • Unlimited Data
  • Dynamic IP Address
  • Friendly 24×7 Technical Support
  • Optional 4G Backup
  • Optional Zero Term Contract
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Any Time
  • 2 Typical speed between 7pm to 11pm is 43Mbps


  • 100Mbps Connection3
  • Unlimited Data
  • Dynamic IP Address
  • Friendly 24×7 Technical Support
  • Optional 4G Backup
  • Optional Zero Term Contract
  • Downgrade Any Time
  • 3 Typical speed between 7pm to 11pm is 83Mbps
  1. Available only in NBN enabled areas.
  2. $0 Activation Fee available for 24 months Minimum Contract Term -12 months and 0 months Minimum Contract Term available.
    1. 0 month Contract Term – $99 Activation Fee
    2. 12 months Contract Term – $49.50 Activation Fee
    3. 24 months Contract Term – $0 Activation Fee
  3. Service cancellation requires 30 days notice
  4. Early Termination Fee depends on the Minimum Contract Term – refer to the CIS for details.
  5. FTTN, FTTC & FTTB speeds can only be confirmed when active and are subject to other specific factors such as the distance and quality of the copper line used for your NBN service.
  6. Actual speeds may vary due to many factors including type/source of content being downloaded, hardware and software configuration, the number of users simultaneously using the network and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by AINS.
  7. Devices connected by WiFi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable.
  8. Service boundary is to the NBN Network Termination Device (NTD) or MDF and customer is responsible for ensuring cabling between the NTD or MDF through to the modem/router. AINS can provide this cabling at an extra cost, subject to customer acceptance of the quotation for the work.
  9. BYO compatible modem/router or purchase a pre-configured modem from just $11/month over 12 months.
  10. Modem/routers purchased and supplied by AINS Telecom are fully managed with included support. BYO modem/routers are self-managed and supported by customers.
  11. Shipping and Handling Fee is $16.50 for each modem
  12. Prices shown include 10% GST.

Need to know more about the NBN read our NBN Guide

NBN Guide

What is the NBN?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australia-wide project funded by the Federal Government to provide all homes and businesses with a fast, reliable connection to the internet.
The NBN is designed to ‘future-proof’ Australian homes and businesses by replacing older, dated infrastructure with new, supercharged connections. With internet access becoming so integral to both our work and personal lives, it makes sense to build a sturdier, faster broadband network, especially in a geographically isolated country like Australia.

When can I get NBN for my business?

If you haven’t received notice that the NBN is now available in your street, there’s an easy way to find out when you’ll be getting it. Simply contact us here and one of our friendly Business Solutions Specialists will get back to you very quickly!

What are the Installation and Setup Costs?

Depending on the kind of NBN plan you take up, you may need to pay an installation or hardware fee; no-contract plans are more likely to incur these costs than a 12, 18 or 24-month agreement.
In addition, if you are connecting a newly developed business premise to the NBN and there has never been any telecommunications services connected to the property before, the NBN will charge a once-off $300 contribution fee, which we will then pass on to to you, as part of your set-up costs.

What about the telephone lines for my Business?

When you switch over to NBN Broadband, it is important that you switch your telephone service to an NBN Phone service, or a third party Voice over IP line if you wish to keep your telephone service. AINS can provide your business with extremely cost effective SIP (VOIP) Business Line service when bundled with your NBN Business Broadband.

Where can I find more information about NBN for business?

If you wish to learn more about the NBN and what it can mean for your business, you can get more information at the NBNCo website using the following link below.

This is all a bit overwhelming – can you help with the transition of my business to NBN Broadband?

Our team of Business Solutions Specialists are experts in business telecommunications, internet services and the NBN. Our professional team will advise you every step of the way and ensure your transition to the NBN is easy, seamless and trouble free.

For prompt and knowledgeable assistance, call us on 1300 887 877, or use our Online Contact Form.

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