Managed Services

Businesses, now more than ever before, are increasingly reliant on Information Technology to drive innovation, competitiveness and business profitability. Yet at the same time, Information Technology continues to be more complicated, with an explosion of choices in vendors, platforms, architectures and an endless range of products and services.

For most enterprises, the in-house skills and expertise required to adequately manage IT and to make informed decisions, are increasingly inadequate to cope with evolving new technology. The cost of maintaining adequate in-house specialist skills directly impacts on the bottom line and diverts precious resources from core business.

AINS Managed Service Solutions offer enterprises access to the critical specialist skills, experience and expert resources on a fixed and on demand basis, to manage a wide range of business critical information technology and processes, including Data Centres, Cloud Infrastructure, IT Helpdesk, IT Procurement, Systems Infrastructure, Desktops and Servers, Local Area Networks, Mobile Devices, Unified Communications and Wireless Networks.

To achieve consistent quality in delivery of our Managed Services, we have aligned our service delivery methodology with ITIL, the world’s best practice and most widely adopted framework for Managed Services.

We understand that every enterprise has different requirements and we do not take a standard approach when it comes to Managed Service Solutions. During the service design phase, we ensure that we fully understand the challenges of each client’s business, such that our Service Catalogues are customised to fully meet the individual requirements of each client.

By utilising our Managed Services, enterprises improve service levels and customer satisfaction, while freeing up critical resources to focus on higher value core business activities and goals.


  • Simplify management of IT infrastructure
  • Improve Service Levels and customer satisfaction
  • Accelerate projects and deliverables
  • Enhance business security, agility, productivity and competitive edge
  • Free internal resources to focus on higher value core activities and goals
  • Quickly scale IT resources, including access to expert skills and experiences, without recruitment, training and fixed labour costs
  • Reduce costs and increase profitability and business value

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