Infrastructure Virtualisation

AINS Cloud Infrastructure Solutions give enterprises the flexibility to move and/or extend servers, storage and entire Data Centre infrastructure into the Cloud. Depending on your business needs, virtualised infrastructure may be accessible from the public Internet or from within your private enterprise network only.

Our Cloud solutions are built using the world leading VMWare virtualisation platform.

By enlisting our consulting services, our VMWare Cloud experts help enterprises build robust, scalable and high performance infrastructure Clouds that are architected for specific organisational requirements.

For businesses that require a simple, zero maintenance Cloud solution, AINS can provide fully managed virtual infrastructure services including virtual Servers, Desktops and Storage.

Alternatively, for enterprises with the in-house resources to design and self-manage their own Cloud Infrastructure, AINS can provide entire virtualised Data Centres to enable client self-service provisioning for easy self-deployment.

Whether your enterprise wishes to self-manage its Cloud, or have us manage it, AINS Cloud Infrastructure substantially simplifies IT management, reduces costs and helps increase your overall bottom line.


  • Simplify management of IT infrastructure
  • Reduce data centre footprint
  • Improve business robustness, uptime and recovery time
  • Accelerate projects and deliverables
  • Enable enterprise mobility and drive innovation
  • Enhance business security, agility, productivity and competitive edge
  • Access to the latest bare metal technology
  • Increase ROI on existing IT investments
  • Increase profitability and business value

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