Technology driven collaboration is rapidly transforming the way we do business now and into the future.

Our industry leading collaboration solutions from Cisco help organisations compete more effectively, by enabling human collaboration across distances and borders. By making high-quality video, voice and content collaboration accessible from anywhere, our customers are able to accelerate growth, attract and retain top talent and boost innovation that improves their competitive edge.

Investment in our collaboration solutions will produce immediate returns by driving new operational efficiencies that reduce costs. Broad interoperability enables our customers to derive more from their existing IT assets, reducing telecom costs, while saving time and travel cost.

Deploying collaboration infrastructure can be challenging due to the architectural complexities and specialised skills required. To ensure that deployments are on time, on budget and achieve quality outcomes, it is critical that solutions are designed and deployed by an appropriately certified and experienced solutions provider.

AINS Collaboration Solutions are based on the Cisco Preferred Architecture for Enterprise Collaboration to ensure solutions are best-in-class and achieve customer expected outcomes.

Collaboration and Video Conferencing

Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialisation

AINS is a certified specialist in the Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture.

We are recognised globally for our proven, advanced expertise with the Cisco Collaboration Architecture, including unified communications, messaging, and telepresence. As a certified Advanced Collaboration Partner, AINS is recognised as having best-in-class capabilities and a close relationship with Cisco, ensuring that our clients will always receive the best possible support and outcome for any Collaboration solution based on the Cisco Collaboration suite of products.

With our Project Management services, we help customers seamlessly deploy and integrate our Collaboration Services for:

  • Unified Communications,
  • Customer Care,
  • Remote Worker Collaboration and
  • Rich Media Conferencing.

As part of our approach in providing a complete solution, our Projects focus on transition management to eliminate internal behavioural barriers to adoption, while enabling an organisational culture of innovation, people empowerment and collaboration from a distance.

Cisco Advanced Collaboration Partner

Rich Media Conferencing

Enterprises with collaboration systems may have widely deployed voice and video services such as point-to-point calls within the enterprise, as well as calls to external networks. The conferencing function is an essential component of any collaboration system, especially one that serves remote users and/or a large user base. Cisco Rich Media Conferencing improves on traditional conferencing by offering features such as ad-hoc audio and video conferencing, rendezvous, audio and video conferencing, and scheduled conferencing, as well as application sharing.

Conference bridges provide the conferencing function. A conference bridge is a resource that joins multiple participants into a single call (audio or video). It can accept any number of connections for a given conference, up to the maximum number of streams allowed for a single conference on that device. The output stream for a given party is the composite of the streams from all connected parties minus their own input stream. To provide a satisfactory end-user experience, careful planning and design should be undertaken when deploying Cisco Rich Media Conferencing so that users are enabled with the conferencing functionality they require.

The Cisco Rich Media Conferencing solution supports the following types of Audio and/or Video conferences are:

  • Ad-hoc Conferences
  • Rendezvous Conferences (meet-me, or permanent conferences), and
  • Scheduled Conferences

The Cisco Rich Media Conferencing offers additional functionality and a rich end-user experience compared to traditional conferencing. The Cisco Rich Media Conferencing architecture enables rich conferencing collaboration abilities in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM) and Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS). It ensures a rich feature set by leveraging various conference bridges, and Cisco TelePresence MCUs or Cisco TelePresence Servers, to meet the needs of the users and the conference types.


  • Improve productivity, business agility and decision quality
  • Forge stronger relationships across teams, with partners and with customers
  • Reduce travel costs, real-estate costs and carbon footprint
  • Foster innovation and enhance competitive edge
  • Streamlined deployment to eliminate cultural barriers to technology adoption
  • Improve the bottom line

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