Wireless Networks

Without doubt, there are many benefits of wireless networking, driving the increasing trend of Wireless Network deployments in enterprises to enable on-campus worker mobility and guest access.

AINS has helped many enterprises extend their local network to provide wireless networking capability for permanent users and guests.

Designing effective Wireless Networks that perform to user expectations require overcoming challenges that do not exist when deploying wired networks, including:

  • Seamless roaming security compliance,
  • Seamless security control over guest access,
  • Support for multiple device platforms and operating systems, and
  • Environmental impact on performance and user experience.

Lack of experience or expertise in deploying Wireless Networks can lead to project cost overruns and endless user frustrations.

With our experienced architects and engineers, we can help enterprises overcome all these challenges and introduce organisational users to the new world of wireless networking in a streamlined, frustration-free way, for rapid adoption of this technology.


  • Streamline the design and deployment of your enterprise Wireless Network.
  • Centralised management to streamline operations and reduce self-support costs.
  • Enhance worker productivity and visitor experience.
  • Wireless Network built on industry leading Aerohive Access Points for reliability and technical superiority.

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