Wide Area Networks

Every organisation needs to focus on its core business.

However, as business activities increasingly rely on the enterprise network, business may be distracted by diverting resources to mange the corporate network.

Activities such as monitoring the network, managing operational issues, managing capacities and demands, training staff on new technologies and keeping track of new devices inevitably increases costs and becomes an operational burden. The corporate network is no longer perceived as a powerful business enabler, but rather a necessary burden.

By having AINS as your trusted partner to manage your network assets, you can overcome these issues and focus on achieving key business objectives.

We offer a simpler, smarter and more cost-effective alternative to managing your own data network. With our extensive expertise in Managed Network Services, we can help you understand the core drivers for your communications network and implement a strategy to improve performance, scalability and reliability.

Our Managed Network Services enable you to control costs associated with managing your enterprise network, while at the same time, minimise risk, improve service levels and increase business agility. Importantly, your internal IT resources are freed from the burden of managing the network to focus on  achieving strategic IT and business goals.

AINS Managed Network Services ensure the following network assets and components are managed by our expert engineers:

  • Enterprise Edge Routers
  • Remote Teleworker and Branch Routers
  • WAN Links
  • Network Routes
  • Key Network Services

Key features of our Managed Network Services include knowledge management of your corporate network with documentation provided for your network architecture, IP addresses and routing tables.

AINS operates its own extensive data carriage network with extensive reach throughout Australia. By combining Managed Network Services with our Private Network Services and Data Links, we provide a Single Point of Contact for all your Enterprise Network requirements for streamlined and rapid responses.


  • Single Point of Contact Service Desk.
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring of network device health and uptime.
  • Business Hours or 24/7/365 Proactive Response with an SLA.
  • Vendor Management in the event of Incidents and Problems.
  • SLA Management for network links.
  • Flat monthly fee per router or link managed for easier control over costs.

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