Virtual Storage

Our Virtual Storage Service provides stable, reliable and scalable virtual storage via three options:

  • Standard volumes offer low cost storage suited for storage of infrequently accessed data . This option is ideal for archive and backup purposes.
  • Performance volumes offer storage suited for everyday business needs, using high performance 15K RPM hard drives. This option is ideal for web content hosting, files storage, document management systems and operating system partitions.
  • SSD volumes are ideal for workloads requiring higher I/O performance and low latency. SSD volumes are suited to customers looking to host highly transactional applications like databases.

The AINS Cloud platform is powered by VMware, the world leader in virtualisation technology and is built on multiple high performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching fabrics to ensure consistent bottleneck-free access to your Virtual Storage Services.

AINS Virtual Storage Services are easy to integrate and use. Once your preferred storage volume is provisioned according to your choice of size and hard drive, you then simply need to partition and format it to commence using it.

Features and Benefits

  • Powered by VMware, the world leader in virtualisation technology.
  • High performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching fabric for bottleneck free access to storage volumes.
  • Straight forward pricing based on storage volume size and hard drive performance time.
  • Standard hard drives for low cost data archiving.
  • Improve cash flow by converting IT capital outlays into monthly operational expenditure.
  • High scalability with rapid provisioning to enhance enterprise agility.

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