Unified Communications

Unified Communications unify all the disparate technologies to provide IP telephony, audio/video conferencing,  polling, IM, presence, calendar, voice mail and unified messaging onto a single platform for easier management and integration with other enterprise applications. In doing so, it provides many benefits to an enterprise, including dramatically increasing employee productivity and job satisfaction, while substantially driving down telecom costs.

As Unified Communications involve real time communications between real people, users do not accept service disruption or degradation in the quality audio and video transmissions. Most IT managers face three major challenges when managing any Unified Communications platform:

  1. Ensure maximum uptime and availability of the Unified Communications platform; and
  2. Ensure that responses to user support and change requests are rapid; while
  3. Controlling service management and delivery costs.

Overcoming these three challenges through internal resources is often difficult because of the complexity of the technology. To appropriately manage Unified Communications platforms and deliver quality services consistently to end users, requires specialist skills that are not available within most enterprise IT teams.

Enterprises can however overcome these challenges by leveraging the expertise of AINS.

AINS is expert in Unified Communications and IT Service Management. We are only one of the few Service Providers in Australia certified to deploy and manage Cisco enterprise collaboration solutions. Our Managed Services are aligned with industry best practices for IT service management. The services that we provide are backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure consistent delivery of services that meet user expectations.

By leveraging AINS Managed Services, enterprises can access all the benefits of Unified Communications, while overcoming the challenges associated with providing ongoing management and support that meet user expectations without cost escalation.

Features and Benefits

  • Control cost of managing Unified Communications and servicing end users.
  • Ensure consistent quality in delivery of services to users through an SLA.
  • Streamlined management and delivery of services through ITSM best-practice processes.
  • Unified Communications managed and supported by our certified experts.
  • Internal IT resources can focus on achieving business aligned objectives.

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