Unified Communications

In modern day communications within enterprises, employees use a variety of devices and methods to communicate. A multitude of technologies and options such as email, instant messaging, voice mail, texting, audio, web, and video conferencing all increase productivity. Conversely, it takes valuable time for each worker to keep up with all these disparate communication sources.

Increasingly, enterprises need to assess, purchase, and deploy these technologies as part of their organisation’s IT and communications infrastructure to better enable collaboration, improve business processes, increase employee productivity while substantially driving down telecom costs. These new technologies have also help in attracting and retaining the next generation of highly mobile and IT savvy workers.

Unified Communications unifies all the disparate technologies to provide IP telephony, audio/video conferencing,  polling, IM, presence, calendar, voice mail and unified messaging, onto one single platform for easier management and integration with other enterprise applications.

Nevertheless, dedicating appropriate resources to manage ongoing maintenance and support can be  challenging for many organisations due to the complexity of the technology and user intolerance for any service disruption. AINS Managed Services enable enterprises to leverage the benefits of Unified Communications, without the increased costs and challenges associated with ongoing management and support.

Based on the Cisco Preferred Architecture for Enterprise Collaboration, our Unified Communications solutions are available as a premises-based, fully hosted or hybrid high availability architecture to ensure communications quality and performance.

We enable any enterprise to confidently implement a powerful, world-class, next-generation communications system and manage it through one or more of the following Services:

  • Design, deploy and implement a Unified Communications platform based on vendor approved architecture;
  • Classroom-style training for different types of end users to facilitate transition to the new Unified Communications platform;
  • Managed Services for ongoing management and support.

Features and Benefits

  • IP Telephony enables any IP device to make voice calls over the enterprise data network.
  • Unified messaging enables employees to access voicemails, emails and SMS in a single mailbox from any IP device.
  • Real-time collaboration enables online communications between employees using instant messages, file sharing, audio or video calls.
  • Substantially save on telephony costs by reducing long distance and conference calling charges.
  • Reduce operational risks and IT management costs through centralising administration and support.
  • Improve workforce efficiency with time-saving smart tools such as calendars and presence.
  • Classroom-style end-user training to facilitate transition and smooth adoption

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