Traffic Optimisation

As enterprises increasingly use of IP based applications, cloud computing, collaboration and other technologies, the demand for bandwidth is rapidly placing upward pressure on network and internet costs.

Ignoring the demand for bandwidth is not an option as reducing network performance will impact on productivity, employee motivation and reduce profit.

To meet the requirements of these IP based, business-critical applications, enterprises are faced with two choices:

  1. Invest in a network upgrade that meets current and future expected demand for bandwidth; or
  2. Make the existing network more efficient through WAN optimisation technology.

Traffic optimisation provides many benefits to enterprise, including better regulatory compliance, enhanced business continuity, increased customer satisfaction, reduced IT administration costs, and increased employee productivity. In short, traffic optimisation has become essential in helping enterprises contain costs and extend the lifecycle of existing network infrastructure, while meeting the needs of bandwidth requirements.

In using Cisco and FortiNet products, AINS helps enterprises accelerate and extend the life of their networks by implementing WAN optimisation technology and subsequently managing them to ensure ongoing effectiveness.


  • Prioritise network traffic to maximise ROI of your WAN and Internet links.
  • Data compression to limit bandwidth usage.
  • Data caching to reduce bandwidth usage while delivering faster access to commonly used files.
  • Improve overall performance of mobile and branch locations with only limited data or internet link options.
  • Increased productivity and user satisfaction.

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