UTM Security

Securing the enterprise IT infrastructure is paramount, yet the continuous emergence of new threats – and the plethora of options claiming effectiveness in combating those threats – make the field of IT Security very complicated for most enterprise IT teams to manage effectively.

Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape demands smarter and more responsive managed security services.

Our Managed Unified Threat Management (UTM) Security Services provide the specialised skills, expertise and technology to help your enterprise reduce the cost and complexity of securing your IT infrastructure. We use the latest technology in monitoring systems to detect threats to your infrastructure, and where any threat is detected, our Network Operations Centre will rapidly respond to and mitigate the threat. Our Managed UTM Security Services provide peace of mind as we work around the clock, 24 x 7 x 365, to ensure your IT and network assets are secure and IT Security policies enforced.

When combined with our Professional Services, AINS helps your enterprise to establish effective security policies for multi-vendor environments and progress those policies to planning, design, implementation, testing, monitoring and ongoing management.

Our portfolio of Managed UTM Security Services includes:

  • Managed Firewall Service for customised protection based on your policy requirements
  • Managed Intrusion Prevention and Detection Service for networks and servers
  • Managed Web Security Service for web-borne threats and to manage compliance
  • Managed Protection Service for servers and desktops
  • Managed Email Protection Service to protect against email-based threats

AINS Managed UTM Security Services provide a cost-effective, highly flexible and customised approach to protecting your enterprise from internet based threats while managing compliance.


  • Flexible approach allowing for customisation to suit security and financial requirements.
  • Improve security with world leading vendor solutions managed by AINS Security experts.
  • Lower risk with Service Level Agreements.
  • Substantially reduced cost of security management.

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