A well thought out and defined enterprise security strategy is essential for effective security management. For many companies, security-awareness is almost non-existent until damage has been done as result of a crippling virus or a malicious hacker attempt. Often, organisations that have implemented some form of security, have done so in a fragmented way, with little or no structure to the approach.

This reactive approach is both inefficient and costly, with resources often focused on the wrong threats. Moreover, this reactive approach means that more often than not, the business had already suffered some damage as result of a virus or a hacker attempt.

Developing a sound security strategy begins with a risk assessment – this will identify an enterprise’s key information assets and its perceived security threats, and assess them based on probability and risk. This will ensure that mitigation strategies are put in place that focus resources on the most critical assets.

Our expert Security consultants enable enterprises to build powerful, yet cost-effective strategies by helping organisations to better understand threats and identify weaknesses. From the analysis, we will then formulate a strategy to deploy the optimal mix of people, process and technology, through a practical and common sense approach, to secure your business against IT threats.

Take the first step to securing your enterprise IT and contact us for an obligation free initial consultation.

Features and Benefits

  • Hosted Firewall for centralised network protection, or protect on Premises.
  • Unified Threat Management to protect against threats on multiple fronts.
  • Fully managed to provide specialised expertise necessary to effectively combat threats.
  • Protect against downtime, business loss and damage to brand.
  • In-depth consultation with our Security experts to ensure the right solution for your business.

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