Remote User VPN

Teleworkers, remote workers and contractors on the go, require simple, secure and reliable connectivity at home or while on the road. Each of them, however, has a different set of needs based on their job responsibility – a “one size fits all” approach simply will not work.

Teleworkers require access to the enterprise network using various wired and wireless connectivity mediums. Usually, the connectivity mediums available to teleworkers are  of limited bandwidth and performance, so dedicated quality of service (QoS) is important. Additionally, the enterprise must consider ways to ensure that teleworkers are able to collaborate with their office colleagues using IP telephony, IM and Video, and are capable of accessing applications and data in accordance with IT security policies.

A range of FortiNet and Cisco products allows AINS to deploy highly secure and reliable remote worker VPN solutions that will address the needs of each type of teleworker, while ensuring compliance with security policies. This customised approach ensures our solutions offer true value-for-money.


  • Improve productivity, business agility and flexibility.
  • Improve employee satisfaction and attract a new generation of mobile workers.
  • Reduce travel costs, real-estate costs and carbon footprint.
  • Reduced overheads while increasing productivity to improve the bottom line.

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