PSTN Business Line

AINS offers a full suite of business fixed line ISDN and PSTN services from a range of carriers. We offer you a choice of best-of-breed voice services, that deliver a flexible robust solution, tailored specifically to your needs.

ISDN is a reliable, digital network technology that carries voice and data services in a digital format over the public switched telephone network. It is widely available and well suited to medium and large businesses. ISDN circuits can be configured with 10, 20 or 30 active voice channels and do not support data carriage.

For small businesses and remote offices, PSTN Business Line remains an easy and simple option for telephony and enabling ADSL broadband.


  • Widely available PSTN Business Lines for small offices.
  • Support for hunt groups and voicemail.
  • Compatible with legacy analogue telephone handsets.
  • Enables sharing with ADSL broadband services.

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