Premium Inbound 13/1300/1800

For your business to thrive, you need to make it easy for customers to contact you. And yo842vpeqru need to be there when they call – in this day and age, that means all the time.

With AINS Inbound voice services, your customers can call you from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call or free of charge. You can even choose the phone number you want (subject to availability).

Our intelligent call routing and network features allow you to stay in touch with your customers in a way that best suits your business. For example, you can route calls to voicemail or another answering point depending on the day and time.

Inbound services are often configured to route calls to a PBX over an ISDN service, or to an IP PBX over a SIP Trunk service, to manage complex call switching requirements.

Today, a nationwide local call or toll free number is critical for any business that operates outside of its local municipality – and in this digital age, that means most businesses.


  • Easy to remember, 6-digit premium number for toll free nationwide inbound calls.
  • Inbound 1300 number for the cost of a local call, from anywhere in Australia.
  • Inbound 1800 number, enabling your customers to call you, free of charge, from anywhere in Australia.
  • Intelligent call routing to route calls to voicemail or another answering point based on business requirements.

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