ISDN Multiline 10/20/30

ISDN is a reliable, digital network technology that carries voice traffic in a digital format over the public switched telephone network.

It is widely available and well suited to medium and large businesses. AINS’s ISDN circuits are configured with 10, 20 or 30 active voice channels and do not support data carriage. Today, while the use of ISDN for data carriage has largely been superseded by newer broadband technologies, ISDN is still the mainstay of business telephone services due to its quality, wide availability and broad array of compatible equipment.

ISDN is widely deployed to provide standalone voice services at dispersed enterprise branch offices where traditional digital PBX systems are utilised. However, ISDN is also commonly deployed in hybrid IP Telephony architectures. For example ISDN can be deployed at dispersed locations to provide primary voice services or as backup to SIP trunks, and centralised at a Data Centre to provide greater economy of scale.

While SIP technology and IP Telephony have matured, ISDN remains a viable, reliable and cost effective option in circumstances where reliability of data transmission remains in doubt.


  • Improve productivity, business agility and quality of decisions
  • Forge stronger relationships across teams, with partners and with customers
  • Reduce travel costs, real-estate costs and carbon footprint
  • Improve the bottom line

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