Internet Access

Businesses today rely on on high speed and congestion free connection to the Internet. How quickly you can communicate with clients and suppliers is fundamental to your success.

With multiple gateways to domestic and global IP networks, our Internet Service is reliable and fast.

Our Internet Service is available only for corporate customers. As we do not service residential customers, our Internet Service is never under the strain of heavy traffic from such user applications.

With our Internet Service, your business is assured of an industry leading internet connection that’s reliable, congestion free and backed by our Service Level Agreement (“SLA”).

Our high-speed Internet Service is provided over a wide variety of access technologies, including:

  • NBN Business Broadband
  • Fibre Ethernet
  • Midband Ethernet
  • 3G/4G Wireless

Our Internet Service may be bundled with an on-premises Managed Firewall Service to better protect your business from Internet based threats.


  • Connect faster with clients, partners and suppliers.
  • Faster access to Internet based resources, including Cloud based services, for improved productivity.
  • Multiple connections to the global internet means more reliable service for your business.
  • Peace-of-mind with our industry leading SLA.
  • Wide choice of connectivity options including Fibre Ethernet, Midband Ethernet, NBN Broadband and Wireless 3G or 4G.

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