Client Computing

To gain an edge in today’s increasingly competitive world, enterprises need to be more agile and efficient than ever before. IT must be an enabler of business and not perceived as a necessary evil. That is why Managed Computing for end user clients makes a lot of sense, to achieve greater flexibility, more effective compliance, reduced downtime and freeing up IT resources from low value, routine but necessary BAU activities.

AINS Managed Client Computing Services focus on providing a standardised user environment and frustration free experience for end users. We achieve this through proactive management, incident prevention and rapid response to any incidence in accordance with strict Service Level Agreements.

As part of our Managed Client Computing Services, we manage the following client platforms:

  • Desktop/Laptop PCs with O/S Windows 7 or above
  • Tablets (Microsoft) with O/S Windows 7 or above
  • Smartphones (Android)
  • Physical, Thin Clients and Virtual Desktops

Services typically include Incident Management, Problem Management, Patch Management, Vendor Management and Licence Management for supported applications and platforms. However, we can readily customise services based on user requirements to provide management of functions and components that are important to our clients.

With our Managed Client Computing Services, we streamline client end user computing experience and free up internal IT resources from repetitive tasks, enabling clients to focus on acheiving higher value activities that add to the bottom line.


  • Incident Management via remote Service Desk.
  • On-site Support as required.
  • Patch Management for popular software applications including MS Windows O/S, MS Office Suite 2010+, MS Outlook 2010+, Adobe, Anti-Virus and enterprise specific applications.
  • Licence Management and Procurement for software applications.
  • Vendor Management for hardware warranty and third line support.
  • Change Management to eliminate downtime and maximise productivity.
  • Flat monthly fee per Client for easy budgeting.
  • Greater efficiency, productivity and employee satisfaction ultimately increasing the bottom line.

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