Microsoft SharePoint Server

Enterprises around the world use Microsoft SharePoint to create powerful web based document management systems.

SharePoint enables customers to manage documents, associated workflows, and knowledge, and allow enterprises to store, organise, share, and access information from almost any device using a web browser.

Based on the Microsoft suite of software, SharePoint easily intergrates with all Microsoft software such as Office, for enhanced automation and increased productivity.

SharePoint can change the way enterprise workers collaborate – and successful transition to it often requires focus on both the technology itself and user behaviour and acceptance.

AINS can help enterprises design and deploy new SharePoint sites or remediate sites that are not functioning as intended, through our Project Management Service. Post deployment, AINS Managed Services can be used to pro-actively manage your SharePoint site to ensure streamlined and optimal performance.


  • AINS Service Provider Agreement helps eliminate capital expenditure by enabling monthly payments.
  • Project Management Service to assemble the necessary skills to successfully deploy your SharePoint site.
  • Managed Services to ensure consistent streamlined delivery of your SharePoint site and maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Enhance enterprise productivity by enabling documents-based collaboration and workflow automation.

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