Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber is part of the Cisco Collaboration platform and enables your teams to collaborate from anywhere, on any device to enhance productivity.

It is a feature rich application that is completely integrated with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager and installed across any computer or mobile device platform to provide Unified Communications across platforms and devices. Unified Communications features include:

  • Presence,
  • Instant messaging (IM),
  • Voice,
  • Video,
  • Voice messaging ,
  • Desktop sharing, and
  • Conferencing.

With Cisco Jabber, workers can easily locate internal enterprise resources, see if and how they are available, and collaborate using the preferred and most efficient method.

Furthermore, with the Jabber Software Development Kit (SDK), Jabber can be integrated with Web based business applications, to simplify workflows and increase productivity.


  • Instantly interact with other workers with IM and Presence.
  • Enable powerful remote visual collaboration with desktop sharing.
  • Support for all mobile devices extends the complete collaboration experience to anywhere.
  • Jabber Software Development Kit (SDK) enables powerful, customised integration with web applications to simplify workflows and increase automation.
  • Enhance productivity and communications by enabling simpler, easy and more timely collaboration.

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