With forecasts predicting more than 20 billion devices connected by 2018, Ethernet will rapidly spread beyond IT and rapid scalable networking will be necessary to enable the networks to support IoT. IT and operational technology will need to scale for the Big Data and pervasive Communications in simple and rapid ways.

One approach to ensuring highly scalable networks of the future, is to move the network into the Cloud with Network as a Service and Software Defined Data Centres.

Ultimately, organisations will continue to require high bandwidth connections from their premises to their private Cloud and the Internet. And the demand for increasingly greater bandwidth will continue unabated in the foreseeable future, driven by Big Data, High Definition Video and Media Rich Content.

To prevent network congestion and performance degradation, enterprise networks need to deploy connectivity mediums that can rapidly scale up to meet the demands of organisational requirements in the most cost effective way possible. Currently, only Fibre Optic based Ethernet is capable of enabling rapid scalable networking with symmetric throughput of up to 10 gigabit per second.

However, while fibre optic connections are increasingly becoming more prevalent, substantial challenges with availability and costs still exist, particularly in Australia. Organisations that are not connected to the Internet using fibre technology, or have not deployed fibre connectivity to locations with high worker density, will undoubtedly face substantial challenges related to productivity, user satisfaction and containing costs.

AINS has access agreements with all carrier networks in Australia to provide us with the greatest network reach and the ability to arrange connections at affordable costs. Additionally, through our Strategic IT Planning and our Solution Architect services, AINS can help organisations to identify current bandwidth demands, project future requirements and plan ahead to meet future capacity requirements in a cost effective way and before they become problematic.