Case Studies



A leading express parcel delivery service provider, CouriersPlease maintains large contact centre operations, dispersed across multiple physical locations.

Maintaining an efficient distributed Contact Centre operations was vital to CouriersPlease, but the cost to maintain its legacy IP-PBX and Contact Centre solution was excessive. Moreover, for the cost, the legacy platform was feature poor and inflexible, compared to other, modern day solutions.

However, migrating platforms represented extreme risk to the business and disruptions during transition would be extremely costly to the business.


After assessing AINS’s capabilities and platform features, CouriersPlease engaged AINS to implement a new IP Telephony and Contact Centre solution. To minimise the operating costs of two platforms, CouriersPlease required that the new platform be transitioned in rapidly and without disruption to its business.

Using the Prince2 methodology, AINS successfully transitioned in the new platform, with minimal disruptions as result of tight change controls. Having identified the project critical success factors and ensuring complete stakeholder and user buy-in, AINS successfully transitioned from project to operations, by focusing on stakeholder management and knowledge transfer.

As a result, CouriersPlease was able to enhance its competitiveness with a feature rich IP Telephony and Contact Centre platform, while substantially reducing overall operating costs.


Port of Hastings Development Authority


The Port of Hastings Development Authority was established in January 2012.

The Authority is responsible for managing existing trade at the Port of Hastings through the Port Management Agreement with Patrick Ports Hastings.

As a growing organisation, the Authority’s ageing ICT infrastructure was causing operational inefficiencies and diverting important internal resources away from core business activities. The acceleration of business activities, combined with a reactive and unplanned approach to IT management, resulted in business disruptions and high operating costs.


To overcome these challenges and to facilitate future growth, the Authority engaged AINS to:

  1. Design and implement a new ICT Enterprise Architecture; and
  2. Transition the Authority from its previous infrastructure to the new environment; and
  3. Provide ongoing and proactive management of the ICT infrastructure; and
  4. Provide ongoing delivery of IT services including Procurement Management services.

Based on the Authority’s present and future requirements, AINS designed and deployed a new Enterprise Architecture  comprising new Data Centre hosting, Private Network, WAN optimisation, Highly Available ESXi Server, SAN, Virtual Servers, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, LAN and WLAN infrastructure, FSSO VPN and Desktops.

With the new Enterprise Architecture framework, and with IT Services managed by AINS, the Authority achieved enhanced agility, increased security and improved worker collaboration, while increasing customer satisfaction. As the result, the Authority became more productive in its core business of developing and managing the Port of Hastings.


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