As a company of technology enthusiasts, we are certainly excited about Cisco’s latest SMB collaboration product.

For those unfamiliar with the term “Collaboration”, it is Cisco’s description for the suite of products launched recently to replace its previous Unified Communications products. Cisco’s vision is to take Unified Communications, which was focused on unifying communications technology, to the next level. Collaboration is focused on aligning people with communications technology together to enhance competitive advantage..

Over the decades, Cisco’s products had mushroomed into a vast range of disparate platforms to address different business IT requirements. In recent years, after vigorous culling of their SMB products, Cisco has finally released a product that is innovative and has us genuinely excited.

One of our great strengths here at AINS, is to bring value-for-money back to IT solutions. We continuously look for ways to bring big-business technical solutions within reach of small and medium sized businesses. Cisco appears to have delivered that with the Business Edition 6000S (BE6000S or BE6KS).

The BE6000S replaces quite nicely the Cisco UC500 phone systems of a few years ago. It comes with more features and integrates many of the previous disparate technical platforms into one single platform, ensuring streamlined deployment and ease of use.

Simply put, the Cisco BE6000S is an all-in-one IP PBX, Router and Server with many advanced Audio, Video and Text communication features.

Having achieved our coveted Advanced Cisco Collaboration Architecture certification, we’ve sold quite a number of Cisco BE6000 based collaboration solutions to enterprises all around Australia. In fact, we achieved the Cisco Front Runner Award for having sold and deployed the most Cisco Collaboration solutions in Australia in Q1 2015.

The BE6000S is based on the same software and technology that Cisco use for multinational corporations, but it is licensed with features that are better suited to the needs of smaller organisations. It is a great product that can handle many different aspects of collaboration and enabling smarter and more productive workplaces in the modern organisation.

Finally, companies with less than 100 employees can now benefit from the same renowned Cisco technology that we’ve been supplying to larger enterprises.

The BE6000S provides excellent value-for-money as it really isn’t as cut down as you may think. Essentially the product allows a single hardware based solution to be deployed. Powerful routing capabilities, direct connections to ISDN and/or standard analogue lines for peace of mind, as well as computing hardware to run the Cisco Collaboration Applications, are all integrated into the one device.

To lower costs and ensure the platform is within reach of smaller businesses, Cisco has scaled down the computing hardware accordingly. This means the BE6000S can’t handle all the applications that its bigger BE6000 model can, and some enterprise capabilities such as Call Centre are missing. However, the technologies to enhance communications for a typical smaller or medium business, are all available in the BE6000S platform:

  • Cisco Unified Call Manager for the core phone system.
  • Cisco Unity Connection for advanced voicemail functionality.
  • Cisco Instant Messaging and Presence for remote working and instant messaging.
  • Paging to enable audio messages and announcements to be made.
  • Cisco Prime Configuration Professional to enable self-management of phones if required.

Businesses will certainly benefit from improving its workforce flexibility with the Jabber UC client capable of being installed on all tablets, smart phones and PC’s.

Having reviewed many technology based solutions from many major vendors, it’s rare for solutions that has cascaded down from large-scale enterprise technology to not have its feature set dramatically reduced.

For many years, we’ve had clients wanting to implement to a Cisco based Unified Communications platform but could not afford the enterprise price-tags. Now finally, Cisco has listened to customer feedback and has made its world-leading Collaboration technology affordable for smaller businesses.

We truly believe this solution represents excellent value-for-money for growing and medium businesses.

We’re on a mission to let more Australian businesses know that next-generation communications does not have to be a choice between cheap and unreliable open source platforms, or bank-breaking enterprise platforms. There is a middle ground – so let’s talk about how your business can migrate from  its open-source VOIP system, or aging PBX, and start benefiting from Cisco’s renowned reliability and superior technology, today!