There is no denying that Cloud based services is the next “big thing” and AINS has invested heavily into providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Managed Services that are designed to help enterprises better manage their IT resources.

According to Steven Wong, Managing Director of AINS, “rapidly growing cloud services are challenging businesses to govern and manage their IT environment, control costs and optimize delivery of their IT services internally and to their clients”.

As enterprises increase their cloud capabilities, they are struggling to manage them efficiently along with other IT resources.

Wong adds, “These days, everything is integrated and enterprises don’t look at the separate components of IT. Rather, businesses are looking at IT as a whole to deliver core business objectives. This has resulted in a shift of the underlying skillsets traditionally employed in an enterprise IT role and that is where our growth will come from in the next 3 years”.

As a long time telecommunications supplier AINS will leverage the experience and specialist skills that it has to provide complete Information, Communication and Technology solutions.

Initially AINS plans to achieve its first growth targets by introducing existing clients to the new product offerings. However according to Wong, increasingly businesses are demanding complete telco, cloud and managed services and uptake by new clients are expected to strong. “We are targeting 30% growth in the first year and that is conservative”, said Steven.

It seems, the era of Telco 2.0 has truly arrived.