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About Us

AINS Telecom was established in 1996 to raise the standards of Internet and telecommunications industry.
Over the years, we gathered together a team of like minded talent – telco and network engineering experts that are dedicated to helping customers to design, deploy and manage corporate networks optimised for Internet Access, Cloud Services and Unified Communications .
Whether the requirement is for an enterprise private network spanning the country or reliable Internet Access for a single office, no challenge is too big, or too small, for our team of experts.
Today, we continue to challenge the industry, and ourselves, to deliver quality telecommunication services that are reliable and affordable for businesses of all sizes.
AINS Telecom. Quality Telco Services for Business Success.

Discover new ways to communicate with customers and co-workers.

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Why Choose AINS?

  • Business Grade Network Performance and Reliability
  • Technical Expertise, Experience and Professionalism.
  • Innovative Communication Solutions for Business Success.

“Businesses everywhere are shifting to IP Telephony.”

Let us help your business to leverage the power of SIP telephony and save money at the same time!
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PO Box 629, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Phone: 1300887877

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